The Nigerian government orders the Minister of the State Oil to solve the oil shortage within this week


The Nigerian newspaper, Attack, reported on December 7 that the Vice President Osen Baggio is visiting the government regular meeting held in Carnot State by President Buhari, to correct the issue that Minister of the State Oil was ordered to solve the oil shortage within this week.

The Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture cleared at the end of the meeting on behalf of the Federal government on three points: first, the government has no intention to increase price on PMS; second, the country has enough gasoline reserves to last till January next year; third, the north hemisphere is in winter, so the countries with lower temperature has increased requirement for gasoline, that’s also the reason why Nigeria is lack of gasoline at present.

Currently, the main gasoline supply company, NNPC, has not responded on how to solve the lack of gasoline problem. According to local reporters, lots of gasoline retailers have returned to Abuja and surrounding State streets to sell bottled gasoline at twice the price (250 naira/liter, State price is 145 naira/liter) of State price, while there’s no decrease of cars waiting in line at gas stations to refuel.

According to information, the output of oil in all warehouses from NNPC within the country has decreased more than 50%, while there’s no oil tanker arriving at any port in Nigeria this week, but it is revealed by related officials of the company that oil tankers will be arriving at ports in 2 days.